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Diplomatic Visit of Sri Lankan Prime Minister

Your Travel Partner in Asia

We are one of the leading travel companies involved in inbound tours in South and Southeast Asia, mainly specialising Indonesia and Sri Lanka
Land-Based Acitivities
We offer a variety of around 20 different land based activities
Water-Based Acitivities
We offer a variety of around 25 different water based activities
Air-Based Acitivities
We offer a variety of around 10 different air based activities
We Offer
WHAT WE OFFER Cultural  Heritage TourismCultural & Heritage Tourism
We offer several packages to experience the Indonesia's culture, history, architecture, lifestyle, people and their art, food, religion. These packages include cultural facilities such as museums, theatres, and art & handcraft making villages & markets too.
WHAT WE OFFER Eco  Adventure TourismEco & Adventure Tourism
We offer several land, water, and air based activities including Bird watching, Camping, Caving, Cycling, Safari, Hiking, River & sea cruise, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Surfing, Trekking & hiking, Rafting, Parasailing, Jet skiing, Fly fish etc.
WHAT WE OFFER Entertainment  Leisure TourismEntertainment & Leisure Tourism
We offer several packages including Relaxation, Spa & massage, Sports, Sunbathing, Fishing, Shopping, Photography and more leisure activities. Also we offer many nighlife activites such as clubbing, Sensational massage for both adult males and females.

Indonesia Tour Packages

Taprobanica provides INDONESIA TOUR PACKAGES by offering many activities such as kayaking, island hopping, yoga in picturesque Ubud or exploring Borneo. Travellers can enjoy unbelievable trekkings tour up Mt Rinjani. Visit Rinka Island to see the amazing Komodo dragons and chill out on Bali's sandy beaches. For those of you who want to get the latest offers and update info from us, you can directly contact us via telephone service available on our website.
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