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Taprobanica Guide Training at BaliTaprobanica Guide Training at Bali
A training program for our guides was held in Bali on 13-15 (3 days) December 2016.
Diplomatic Visit of Sri Lankan Prime MinisterDiplomatic Visit of Sri Lankan Prime Minister
All the transportation of the diplomatic visit of Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and few other ministers was handled by Taprobanica 0n 2-4 (3 days) August 2016.
300 Pax MICE Tour JakartaBali300 Pax MICE Tour (Jakarta-Bali)
A 300 pax MICE tour was organised by Taprobanica on 17-24 (8 days) December 2016.
30 Pax Round Tour BaliYogyakartaBandungJakarta30 Pax Round Tour (Bali-Yogyakarta-Bandung-Jakarta)
A 30 pax Group tour was organised by Taprobanica on 14-21 (8 days) September 2016.
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